3 Unique Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Instagram marketing can be a strong addition to a brand’s marketing strategy when planned and executed to be audience-engaging and memorable. There are a few small challenges with its use, but they can be overcome.

The primary marketing snag is that Instagram links can not be shared, which means marketers have to rely on viewers’ desire to share through other share options on their mobile phones. Using an attention-grabbing hashtag is a great way to ensure the campaign will be spread. Smart marketers can also make sure the url contained in the Instagram post is easy to remember. It is all about combining exciting user content with effective marketing techniques.

The following Instagram campaigns are worth reviewing. They are current examples of how winning Instagram campaigns can increase awareness, expand the customer base and leave positive impressions.

Net-A-Porter with IAmPorter

In January 2014, the popular British online retailer Net-A-Porter introduced a new app to bring its luxury fashion products to a larger market. The app was designed to launch its first-ever print magazine “Porter.” The app provided a digital image of the magazine’s cover so users could insert their faces as cover girls. Users were encouraged to send in their cover girl shots as a contest entry whereby three winners would win shopping sprees in the amounts of $8,400, $10,100 and $13,400.

Why it worked:

  • Memorable campaign theme engaged users.
  • Bringing shoppers onto the new magazine cover is a brilliant use of an app.
  • Contest prizes bring winners back into the sales funnel.
  • Goodwill was established with all participants.

Armani – SiByArmani Perfume

Savvy marketers take top bloggers into consideration when launching new products and services, such as Armani’s new Si perfume for women. Chiara Ferragni, who has 1.2 million followers for her fashion blog, agreed to team up with the Armani campaign along with others known for their social media influence in fashion. The Armani Instagram featured the blogger in one of the first-ever Instagram video campaigns.

Why it worked:

  • Creating an easy-to-remember name.
  • Engaging top influencers who already had enormous and targeted followers.
  • Becoming one of the first businesses to use Instagram’s new video function.

Heineken: Crack the US Open

Interactivity is the name of the social media game. Heineken found an innovative way to get their customers and potential customers involved. It has become known as the first Instagram scavenger hunt. Rather than host a typical photo contest, Heineken posted a photo as the starting point for the game. Players got to hunt for clues and solve the mystery. The only way to become one of the nine winners was to hashtag the right answer in the photo. Winners were awarded two tickets to the US Open Final.

Why it worked:

  • Extremely original and interactive concept.
  • Real-time game created a sense of urgency among players.
  • Highly targeted beer-drinking audience was captivated.

Instagram Campaign Tips

Finding the right Instagram approach is about being creative and focusing on user engagement. To ensure success, the campaign development should involve media mavens, potential buyers and offer something new products or services. Combining these elements together will result in a refreshing and dynamic campaign, and ultimately, in the success of your unique Instagram marketing campaign.

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