4 Important Snapchat Analytics and How to Measure Them

snapchat analyticsWith over 150 million people using Snapchat to watch 10 billion videos each day, it leverages many opportunities for you to build brand awareness. An important part of this is knowing how to use Snapchat as part of your marketing, but it’s equally as important to know how to measure the Snapchat analytics you receive from this strategy.

4 Important Metrics to Measure

There are four key metrics you’ll want to measure when running a Snapchat marketing campaign. These include:

  • Total unique views: Total unique views consist of the number of people who open your Snapchat’s first frame for at least one second.
  • Total story completions:  Each Snapchat story is anywhere from 1 – 100 snaps long. As a marketer your goal is to string as many of these together as possible throughout a 24 hour period. You’ll want to know how many people viewed the last snap so you know how many people viewed the whole story.
  • Completion rate: You can think of Snapchat as a chapter book. The completion rate is the percentage of people who started viewing the story vs. how many saw the ending itself.
  • Screenshots: Snapshot doesn’t allow for comments, likes, or shares, but you can see how many people have taken screenshots of your Snap.

Why These Metrics are Important

By taking the time to learn about these things, you’re taking the time to learn about your audience. In doing so, you’ll get to know them better and decide what type of content they really like. Understanding how your content is doing also helps you understand how and why it’s used this way, as well as whether it’s worth time and money to continue engaging in this form of marketing.

How to Measure These Metrics

Measuring these metrics requires Snapchat analytics, something that hasn’t existed before now. However, a new way of tracking and measuring your Snapchat channels recently launched. Snaplytics is the first third-party tool Snapchat has granted access to their platform for gathering metrics for account holders.

“We are not affiliated or endorsed by Snapchat. Its business model heavily revolves around advertising on the platform, where we focus on brands who want to run a native channel on Snapchat. We only look into our customers’ own stories and not the one-to-one snaps. There is a fine line between lurking and delivering valuable analytics. We are not using the previously hacked API but have built a setup where we can grab the data without any APIs.” ~ Thomas Cilius, CEO at Snaplytics

Introducing Snaplytics

Unless you’re an influencer, you’ll need to pay to use Snaplytics (plans prices range from $179 – $299 per month with campaign tracking costing $10 per day). Depending upon the type of account you’re setting up, you’ll receive various benefits.

For influencers, Snaplytics will offer more visibility than your Snapchat account by:

  • Automatically fetching your stories
  • Featuring your best content
  • Providing you with a short bio
  • Linking to your other social media profiles

On the other hand, brands receive a lot of great features, including:

  • An estimation of how many unique usernames have seen your snaps, providing you with an estimate of how many followers you have
  • A detailed view of when you get new followers, along with how many new followers you get each day.
  • Information about your new followers (e.g. username, snapcode, deep link, add-back) so you not only know when followers add you, but how they’ve done so.

Accessing Snaplytics is as easy as entering your Snapchat information and within an hour you’re up and running. From there Snaplytics pulls data from your account every hour so you always have the latest analytics right at your fingertips. However, if you need help leveraging the power of Snapchat for your brand, contact us. We can help!