Blogging for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

A recent study shows that more than 80% of American online consumers trust the information they receive from blogs. This is especially encouraging for small businesses, as another statistic showed that small businesses with blogs generate twice as many leads as those without a blog.

Preparations before you start blogging

More than half of the companies that have a blog report that it has successfully acquired customers. For a blog to be truly effective, you need to consider the purpose of the blog and who your target audience is. Do research on what type of content is likely to attract your customer and how often you would need to post to receive responses. More than 90% of the companies that blog more than once a day report finding customers, due to their blogging activities.

Posting useful content is not worth much without having readers for it. Build a network of friends and contacts who you can share the blog posts with and who are likely to read it. You can do this by commenting on other blogs and sharing their content, as well as making guest posts on other blogs.

What to write?

Now that you’ve decided who you need to target, you might have trouble finding content. How-to posts, analyses, interviews, reviews, and case studies are some of the popular choices for writing content. If you’re running out of ideas, you can make lists of things your audience might find useful or you can ask the readers what they would like to read about on your blog. You can also choose a topic, pick out the best sources and blogs for this topic and compile them for your blog.

Statistics have shown that many consumers gain a positive opinion about a company after reading original content on its blog.

Quick Tip!

Blog posts with images and videos receive nearly twice as many views as blogs with only textual content. This is true when blogging for consumer packaged goods companies or any type of organization. Be sure to accompany your text with visuals or record an entry on video.

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