New Changes to Facebook Business Pages Can Help or Hurt Your Brand

By the time you finish reading this sentence, Facebook will have added almost 100 new profiles to its daily 1.28 billion active users platform. If those numbers alone are not staggering enough, try considering that Facebook now hosts more than 65 million Business Pages! As you can see, Facebook is not only profoundly influential as an online social media giant. It is also proving to be an unbelievably powerful player in the business world, as constant changes to Facebook Business Pages are rolled out in response to the ever-growing nature of the platform.

Now, if you happen to be one of the 1.28 billion daily users of Facebook, then you may be aware of how the site is regularly updated to meet the growing and continuous needs of its user base. As of the end of May, Facebook reported that it updates its code at least twice a day. Most of these daily changes to Facebook Business Pages will go unnoticed by users, but there have been some fairly significant new features that deserve to be noted.

Lead Ads and Offline Conversion Solution

To help businesses define what is effective with gaining new customers, Facebook has implemented the Offline Conversion solution. This tool helps companies determine which ads lead to the successful acquisition of new clients. Business marketers can now get accurate and relevant insights on which campaigns are the most successful in driving new business so that they can focus on understanding the details about what works and what doesn’t.

Simplified Canvas Ads Creation

In February, Facebook introduced Canvas Ads, a full-screen mobile advertising experience that loads nearly instantly and offers businesses an opportunity to create memorable and engaging brand promotion. This has proven to be an excellent way to reach new customers and build brand awareness. Facebook has made this tool even easier to use by helping marketers understand each component and by adding elements to make it even more immersive and dynamic. With the new changes to Facebook Business Pages, this update allows businesses to create ads that are engaging on an even greater level. It will also allow users to interact with brands in newer and more exciting ways.

Cross App Notifications

As a way to offer more manageability to users of Facebook and its two other apps, Messenger and Instagram, the latest update created an integrated user experience where all apps are connected while one is in use. This allows the user to receive message notifications from the other platforms and is intended to increase engagement across all three social channels. The user can now switch seamlessly from one app to the other with ease. The cross-integration is designed to create a much more uniform experience for users of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and overall should result in a more efficient use of the combined time spent on all three platforms.

Conditional Answers On Lead Ads

A while back Facebook introduced the lead ad creation feature, another effective and useful tool in gaining new customers. These ads are followed by a set of questions with a button to submit responses for more information. The responses to the conditional questions tell your business who your potential customers are, targets criteria that are important to them, and shows you how your product/ service could benefit them. Facebook updated this feature to include preset conditional answers to select from a drop down menu. This makes the process even simpler and faster, and therefore more likely to result in a customer response.

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