Email Marketing for CPG Companies

Email Marketing for CPGEmail Marketing for CPG Companies (Consumer Packaged Goods)

Email marketing is one of the least resource intensive ways for a Consumer Packaged Goods company to attract customers to its business. With little expense to time and money, an email newsletter can reach a large number of customers, as opposed to social media campaigns and traditional advertisements. On average, each dollar spent on email marketing generates an average ROI is $44.25. Consumers spend 83% more on average if they receive an email marketing message than they would otherwise.

The caveat though is that you need to have collected the email addresses of those that would be interested in what you have to say. The first step to build a list of such email addresses is to have a feature on your website or social networking profile page that allows visitors to sign up their email addresses to receive your newsletters. This can easily be done with a free service, such as Mail Chimp.

Send content that people want

Over 60% of consumers who receive marketing emails say that they are not interested in the email as a reason for not opening it. Don’t send generalized newsletters. There is no point in sending people content that they wouldn’t be interested in just because you can reach them.

About 64% of consumers say opening a marketing email depends on the subject line. You could even put people off if they would otherwise like your message when the content is not correct. Also, be careful with frequency. 45% of consumers say they do not open marketing emails because they receive too many of them.

Instead, segregate your newsletter subscribers into groups so that you can target specific groups with information that they find relevant. This way, your subscribers are more likely to look forward to your newsletters and share them.

You can do this by offering them an option to join a certain group during the subscription process. You can also segregate subscribers by other details such as their areas, their interests, their online purchase activities and so on. In this way, you can customize your newsletters to a greater depth.

Optimize for mobile

People today are moving toward the convenience of mobile devices over conventional computers. More and more people use mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to perform their everyday activities, like accessing emails and so on. Realizing this, a lot of companies are jumping on the mobile bandwagon. While about 50% of companies have some sort of plan for mobile device marketing, 25% of the companies claim to have a sound strategy for mobile marketing.

It is likely that people would not go through the trouble of making sense of an email that does not show up properly on their mobile devices. 40% of Europeans and more than 60% of Americans would rather ignore or delete an email that is not optimized for their mobile devices. The effort of changing your email template is compensated by losing potential customers.

In summation, get started with email marketing for CPG by testing. Use a small group of emails from your database, send out a couple of test emails with different formats and messaging, and then record how people respond. Once you start to discover what works, make a larger investment and watch the leads roll in!

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