How to Master the Facebook Dynamic Creative Tool

Facebook Dynamic Creative The Facebook Creative Dynamic feature is a valuable and deeply customizable advertising tool. Finding your target demographic comes about through experimentation and discovery of how effective each ad creative is. A lot of effort goes into selecting just a few words, an image or video, and some form of a link. The hope is that each ad will connect to a particular target market.

Testing has become one of the most complicated and extensive parts of creating a Facebook personalized ad campaign. Because you are only advertising to a small fraction of total Facebook users, it is crucial that each ad reaches the greatest success possible. This engineering requires trial and error with the Facebook Power Editor, revision of the ad, and new attempts.

This testing process now takes about half of the typical ad spend budget for the entire ad campaign. This leaves less budget available to push the ads that are taking off in target demographics. Consequently, Facebook has implemented a method to save time in the testing process.

The new Facebook Dynamic Creative feature is poised to completely change the time and money put into ad testing. They accomplish this by making it much faster to create and test many different combinations of ad copy and graphics. After production, they help with clear and helpful read-outs of statistics related to each ad version’s successes.

How Facebook Dynamic Creative Works

According to Facebook’s own help pages, the Dynamic Creative tool “is a solution that automatically delivers the best combinations of your creative assets.” They have had success in a variety of areas. Some of the success stories come from technology, e-commerce, retail, and gaming.

The tool recognizes that many advertisers spend large amounts of time composing ads. These Facebook personalized ads have a variety of interchangeable parts. This requires testing them and then evaluating their performance. Dynamic Creative allows you to optimize across these component parts:

  • Title – Come up with a variety of potentially inviting titles, up to 5.
  • Image or video – Choose different images and videos and see how they perform. You can test up to 10.
  • Body – Up to 5 larger pieces of text that might pop up in one of the larger format ads.
  • Description – Up to 5 shorter pieces of text elaborating on the title to increase reader interaction.
  • CTA – Up to 5 calls to action that prompts readers to click if they want to do something in particular.

Facebook Dynamic Creative will then combine up to 30 different asset options. It can create up to 50 distinct versions and show them to various options. After, it will record the resulting page views, click-through, and other relevant data. It will also generate a report of the most effective ads. You can access this data in Insights.

Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Creative

This process saves you the time and effort required when submitting multiple ads manually and evaluating the output data yourself. These features help you track the aggregate data for what makes an ad successful. The tool can also help you see which of your target demographics are receiving each ad positively. You’ve won when you find an ad that makes a modest impact but is reaching exactly the right market. Dynamic Creative makes it easier to find a winning Facebook personalized ad.

At this point, Facebook configures Dynamic Creative to help get more Mobile App Installs, Conversions, and Link Clicks. This makes sense since more advertisers couldn’t seamlessly organize with different images, titles, and descriptions for more complex ads.

Why Personalized Ad Content is So Important

We live in a world where many people all can cite the same best Super Bowl commercial. It isn’t always immediately clear why one would want to endlessly diversify with Facebook personalized ads. However, the modern ad consumer is changing. We don’t want to see the same ads popping up in social media feeds all the time. This means that advertisers need new and fresh content frequently.

At the same time, certain keywords work for particular demographics in Facebook’s sophisticated Power Editor. Certain short titles or descriptions may be off-putting or uninteresting enough for someone to keep scrolling past them. Today’s social media consumer passes over many ads in a given session on a computer or mobile device. Advertisers are having to find creative ways to spark their interest.

Ad testing is one of the easiest ways to get up-to-the-minute reports of whether an ad is performing well. Times have changed since advertisers spent thousands in development of a single ad. Advertisers now want a nimble unit to maximize their utility from ad spend. They will choose some images, generate some excellent copy, and work on a variety of combinations that might work. The Facebook Dynamic Creative tool speaks to this need, but the need was already there. It was just a long, work-intensive process to ensure that the ads you run with are reaching the right viewers.

Finally, relevance is the name of the game. You are trying to advertise at this particular point in social media’s evolution. Thus, you want your ads to be practically anticipating the needs of the consumer. While you cannot read minds, you can certainly read stats from the Insights page of Facebook. If 19 out of 20 people in your target market lingered, chances are good for the 21st person.

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