Facebook Graph Search for Businesses

Facebook Graph Search for BusinessesUsing Facebook Graph Search for Businesses

Facebook Graph Search has the potential to impact business in several ways. Having graph search built into Facebook offers an easy way to sift through the large amount of data on Facebook in a very effective and intelligent way. The Graph Search is especially helpful for startups and businesses, as it gives them a toolkit to find new customers, drive significant conversions, and explore ad targeting on very small levels. Using Facebook Graph Search for businesses can be done in the following meaningful ways.

Acquiring Customers

Acquiring and retaining customers can be easier when companies utilize this social graph engine. Not only searching for new customers and reaching out, but then running ads to your target can prove effective. Also, as you build your network through search, you can pull Facebook insights to obtain valuable metrics into your business. Facebook insights and ad conversion metrics allow you to understand the basic reason for the results obtained in the market, which you can then use to focus your budget, effort and time on the important areas to drive even better results.

Searching for Target Customers

The social graph can be used to target specific customers, for example, executives, founders, or CEOs with ease. You can directly search for the customer profile you are targeting, and the potential customers who you will target with your ads.

Being Community

The Social Graph, as the name suggests, can be a very effective tool in building communities. By using this tool, companies can locate the people who have liked their page from any geographical location and bring them together to be a part of their community. Finally, this tool offers a way for companies to understand the customer trends, and use this information to connect with them in unique ways that are tailored to the business’ objectives.

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