How Foursquare Can Help Market Your Business

Foursquare Can Help Market Your BusinessYour new small business may be very exciting, but it also demands a good amount of planning to ensure success. Regardless of how much hard work you put in to designing good products and offering quality services, you will find it difficult to be successful, unless you have a loyal and happy customer base that supports your brand and helps promote it amongst co-workers, friends and family. Appropriate marketing strategies must be used for specific user groups to garner success. The internet has several tools that can help achieve business objectives in an organized manner. Foursquare is one such social media tool with the ability to single-handedly promote your start-up and bring plenty of popularity to it in due time.

A large number of people in their twenties use Foursquare, and the platform can be optimized for your benefit if you’re a small business owner. Foursquare can help market your business in a way that is personal and unique. The following are the benefits of Foursquare:

Free exposure

When people on Foursquare check-in your store, their Foursquare account, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts show that they have checked in, thus exposing your brand to all of their acquaintances and friends. The check-in serves as a private endorsement for your brand, and word of mouth is one of the most effective means to generate more customers. People who tweet or post about your business on social networking sites will further boost the number of followers and subscriptions on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Special discounts

Once your venue has been claimed on Foursquare, the app provides you with the chance to create specials that are essentially deals made available to people whose Foursquare account shows that they have checked in at your location. Foursquare mobile apps increase the ease with which deals can be claimed, as there is no need to print any coupons. You can offer big discounts and freebies to provide your customers with instant incentives when they visit your location.


Marketing has barely any meaning if it cannot be tested or if its results cannot be analyzed. Foursquare is totally free for companies, and you will be granted access to a dashboard which has tools to track merchants to help identify the number of people who use Foursquare and are visiting your location. Moreover, the tracking system on Foursquare can help in determining the customers that recurrently visit your location, which in turn enables you to build connections with them and interact more frequently as you look to enhance your business.

Retaining customers

Foursquare can help you retain some of your most valuable customers. Because you can provide specials for those who check-in frequently, users of the app are inclined to return to your business more often if there are better deals on offer. You can identify such customers and enhance their user experience en route to developing a strong customer base. Despite being a free platform, Foursquare has much potential to help your business gain exposure among the masses. Before you go out there and spend money on expensive tools and apps, use Foursquare to help your business’ online profile get kick started.

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