How to Get More Facebook Likes by Tailgating

Facebook Likes by TailgatingThe key to becoming a successful business has a lot to do with your company’s performance and credibility on social media. Facebook is arguably the biggest social platform today, and many small start-ups have diligently used the tool to their benefit. Getting more likes on the site depends on a variety of factors, but tailgating, in particular, can help you grow at a steady rate. You can follow companies and other popular accounts related to your business and keep posting content in a manner such that these accounts notice your posts and promote them on their accounts. However, it is not easy to get big accounts to notice your content, as many other start-ups use the same strategy and brand managers are very busy. Attain more Facebook likes by tailgating with these tips:

Smart content and attractive images

Your content will only be engaging to your audience, if it makes sense to them. Messages should be short, but direct and valuable to your users. The use of attractive images along with videos will make your fans more likely to share your content. You can also tag popular accounts when posting said content, and if your posts are really good, those accounts may share it with their fans and thus help you gain likes.


Content must be posted on your Facebook page on a regular basis. Even one post a day will do, but make sure that there is something interesting for your fans to read, like and share.


Timing is very important if you want to connect with a particular market. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can conduct a research to determine the times at which most of your potential target will be online. Doing so will help you get noticed easily, while attracting more engagement and fans.


When trying to get Facebook likes by tailgating, your content must always be relevant to the accounts you’re chasing. Consistently posting interesting content and tagging big accounts will make the administrators notice your post, eventually. The content must not be too long. Short content gets more reads than long messages, so keep it to the point and post only relevant content so that it will be read and shared.

Call to action

When posting content on Facebook, you can add a small note asking your fans to like, comment or share the post, as they will be more likely do so, if asked explicitly. Once your content is shared among the friends and acquaintances of your fans, it will hopefully be shared by them as well, allowing you to reach a much wider audience.

Tips and Tricks

People love to learn tips and tricks about almost everything. Posting information that could be important to them will urge followers to read your content more often. Tips and tricks are more likely to be shared across the social platform, and tagging relevant accounts when posting will offer even greater likelihood for sharing.

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