How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Campaigns

hashtagsIn today’s tech savvy world, everyone has heard about hashtags, but are you properly utilizing them to promote your business? When used strategically and effectively, hashtags are an easy way to market your brand and target new customers.

What is a hashtag?

Let’s start with the basics…Hashtags categorize specific topics to hashtag pages, thus allowing people to search throughout social media for your brand. Using hashtags are a clever way to help businesses bring awareness to their brand. A brand hashtag drives participation and encourages engagement among current and prospective followers.

Why use hashtags?

Hashtags bring awareness to your company by either standing alone or pairing with other popular hashtags to reach different targeted audiences. When using a hashtag in a social media post, it is indexed and therefore the post becomes searchable by other users utilizing that hashtag. With the correct hashtag, companies can reach a diverse audience, which will help increase sales and bring attention to your product.

How to use hashtags

Before incorporating a hashtag into your marketing strategy, you may want to check out the competition and see what they are using. If your company has a short slogan, you may utilize that. For example, most people know that Mountain Dew’s slogan is “do the dew”.  Go to your search engine and type in #dothedew– you can see just how effectively Mountain Dew has employed this hashtag as a huge marketing tool. With a little research and time, you can find the perfect hashtag to take your marketing campaigns to the next level and, ultimately, bring awareness to your brand.

Keep it simple

As a rule, it is important to keep your hashtags simple. People are more likely to remember something short and straightforward versus something lengthy.

Hashtags have taken social media by storm. Allow this trend to help drive engagement to your marketing campaigns and draw attention to your brand. For help with creating the perfect hashtag for your company, contact the social media experts at Dapper Goat today.

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