4 Ways to Immediately Improve Facebook Engagement

improve Facebook engagement

Everyone is on Facebook. Your friends, your family, that one guy you half remember going to high school with, and all your favorite celebrities. Facebook is also home to the businesses, both big and small. In fact, the platform has become a great tool for businesses to reach out to customers and potential customers, increasing their visibility and reputation. Engagement is key…so, how do you improve Facebook engagement?

However, as Facebook grows and changes it’s important for a business’s strategy to grow and change with the platform. Something that worked three years ago may not work now. No more than the career advice of, “get a job in the mail room and work your way up to CEO,” is applicable in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced world.

You can easily improve Facebook engagement for your brand.  If you want to reach more people on Facebook today, and have more meaningful interactions, then you should keep the following tips in mind.

How to Improve Facebook Engagement

#1: Keep Your Posts Short

Brevity is the soul of wit, or so a great writer once said, and that is a lesson you should take to heart when writing a post in order to improve Facebook engagement. While you don’t have to keep things as short as you would on a platform like Twitter, people don’t typically stop to read a wall of text on Facebook. Generally speaking, you should try to keep your posts down to 50 words or so. While you can run longer, it might be a good idea to turn big posts into blog entries, and then give them a short tag line when you share them around.

#2: Post During Off-Peak Hours

Have you ever noticed that public transportation is often cheaper when you ride during off-peak hours? Phone calls tend to be less expensive, too. Because when everyone is competing for attention and space, it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed. That’s why there’s no sense in posting on Facebook during peak hours. After all, unless you’re famous or popular enough that you will elbow hundreds of competitors out of other people’s feeds, you’re not going to come out on top. And if you have that many followers, and that much attention, you can post whenever you want.

#3: A Video Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Everyone knows that when you’re sharing a post on social media in general, and Facebook in particular, you need to have an arresting image. The picture is what stops people scrolling, and makes them pay attention to the post you made.

However, video works even better than images.

Even if someone has disabled auto-play (and let’s face it, most people have), videos are still eye-catching on Facebook. According to The Drum, videos are also the most commonly shared type of post. So if you want more people to see your post, engage with your post, and boost your post’s signal, you will get better results if that post has a video in it.

#4: Ask Questions

How many times have you been trying to get to know someone, and uttered a phrase along the lines of, “I do better at answering questions than asking them”? Well, there are apparently a lot of people out there who feel that way, because posts that ask a question tend to get a lot of attention. They tend to engage with the audience more, because people aren’t just being given statements. They’re being invited to participate in the post. If that happens often enough, those people are likely to click the follow button so they don’t miss your posts in the future.

These are just a few ways you can boost your numbers, and overall improve Facebook engagement. For more helpful hints, simply contact us today!