10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

Increase Your Followers on Twitter

Creating success of Twitter can be difficult. If you’re not a celebrity or an already famous brand, building your initial Twitter audience will be challenging.  And when you don’t have many followers, what’s the point of creating great content?

The good news about Twitter (and all social media platforms) is that they can have a snowballing effect. The more popularity you have on the site, and the better your content, the more popularity you will continue to gain.

But don’t be overwhelmed!  Every journey begins with a single step.  Here are 10 simple ways that can help you increase followers:

  1. Connect all your accounts – make sure that you connect your email and other social media accounts with your Twitter account.  This type of cross-promotion will help you to build your initial audience with people that already know and trust you.
  1. Be timely – it is important that you are sending out tweets during peak hours. This gives you the best opportunity to be seen. The best times to tweet are often changing.  So, do you research online (there are plenty of tools available that analyze optimal posting times), test, and continue to tweak and re-test based on your results.
  1. Ask questions – one of the best ways to gain more followers is to engage your audience. The best way to have people respond to you is when you ask questions. When your followers answer your questions, you gain visibility with the responders’ followers as well.
  1. Make use of pictures and video – tweets with photos and videos almost always perform better than tweets with just text. Select photos and videos that are consistent with your brand and highly shareable.
  1. Schedule your posts – there are a large number of different tools available that let you schedule posts. Having a regular stream of tweets, instead of sporadic posts, increases the chances that you will be followed.
  1. Publicize your account on other platforms – promote your new Twitter account on your website, on Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram/Google+, etc., and in the signature of your email.
  1. Pay attention to top tweeters – follow and watch the activity of popular tweeters. There is a lot that can be learned and adopted by studying their posting techniques.
  1. Update your profile bio – when users come across your profile they have no other way to get to know you apart from your profile bio. Make sure that it is up to date, creative and keep it from being unnecessarily long.
  1. Create an appropriate avatar – your Twitter avatar is the first thing that people notice about you. Make sure that it is fitting and suits the purpose of your account. Having an avatar that is unprofessional will create the impression that you are unprofessional. Keep your avatar consistent across all of your social profiles.
  1. Get retweeted – one of the main aims of your tweeting should be to get yourself retweeted. Focus on creating or tweeting content that is likely to be retweeted.

For more best practices on how to increase your followers on Twitter, contact the social media marketing experts at Dapper Goat today!