How to Inspire New Social Media Content with Your Best Work

Successful social media marketing requires a constant flow of new social media content

new social media contentCan’t figure out what to post next? Break through your content marketing block by taking a look at your most popular content, and creating something even better. Keep reading to learn three ways that you can create new social media content inspired by your best work.

Use good photos as backgrounds for visual quotes.

The sunset picture you uploaded on Facebook that got crazy engagement? Don’t be afraid to turn it into a background for a quote post on Instagram. Use Canva to apply a filter and add an inspirational quote, and there you go! Brand new social media content is ready to go up on Instagram, or any of your platforms.

Create graphics based on survey results or stats.

Surveys open doors to lots of potential new content. After conducting a survey or analyzing statistics, you can take specific bits of information and turn them into visual content. Share facts and findings with your audience by creating an infographic or a slide share of the results. Putting together a graphic based on experiment results is a great way to produce new social media content.

Throw it back.

Last but not least, the easiest way to create new social media content based on past work is by sharing a flashback photo or video, also known as a Throwback Thursday post. Throwback Thursday posts are a simple, yet effective, way to highlight good times and give new members of your audience a glimpse at your team’s best memories. Don’t forget to add the hashtag, “#tbt,” to your caption!

You can bring your creativity back to life by revisiting some of your most popular work. Make your good content even better! The fresh format could catch the eye of someone who missed the info before, or could motivate more people to share the post, expanding your reach and audience. Want to explore the many wonders of creating new social media content, and discover other social media marketing tips? Contact us today! Our team is happy to help you utilize the most effective strategies.