How the Growing Popularity of Pinterest is Affecting Facebook

Popularity of PinterestChief Marketing Officers or CMOs spend almost 8.4% of their marketing budget for social media marketing, which is predicted to rise to almost 21.6% in the next 5 years. With many social media platforms available to them, it is hard to decide which platform to concentrate on. As of today, two top choices are Pinterest and Facebook. Examining the data will tell you whether Facebook or Pinterest is more suited to your marketing strategy, and why you should consider how the popularity of Pinterest can help your social media campaigns.

Facts to consider

According to the statistics, Pinterest traffic was 22 percent more likely to turn into a sale than Facebook traffic. Pinterest users also spent 60 percent more online than their Facebook counterparts. These two findings confirm the idea that Pinterest users are more inclined towards purchasing a product than the Facebook traffic. Facebook traffic was also seen to bounce 90 percent of the time, while Pinterest traffic only did so 75 percent of the time. Pinterest users also viewed an average of 2.9 pages, which is an 81 percent difference over the average of the 1.6 page view on Facebook. This could be attributed to Pinterest’s user interface that holds the attention of the users for longer. So, it was observed that while Facebook had almost seven times the traffic of Pinterest, the latter was more effective as a marketing tool. With the growing popularity of Pinterest, it might be worth incorporating the platform into your social media strategy.

Using Pinterest and Facebook

If the goal of a company is to simply achieve exposure to a larger group of people, Facebook is still the option to choose. This is ensured by Facebook’s 1.2 billion-user base. But, if you are looking for a greater quality of exposure and want to convert your leads into customers, consider creating a profile on Pinterest and promoting your businesses on a board in order to drive sales online. Also consider a Facebook campaign that you use to drive new users to your Pinterest boards.

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