Why Your App-Development Business Needs to Sign Up on Google’s New Project Tango Website

Project TangoWhy Your App-Development Business Needs to Sign Up on Google’s New Project Tango Website

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP group) announced the launch of the Project Tango on Thursday. Project Tango is an Android powered, five-inch smartphone incorporating very powerful three-dimensional sensors. That is because Project Tango’s sensors will be able to make over 250,000 measurements in a second!

According to the technical program lead of ATAP, Johnny Lee, Google wants next-gen mobile devices to possess a human-like understanding of motion and space.

What can your business expect from this?

From indoor navigation to more comprehensive gaming technology, Project Tango will revolutionize the way users interact with their mobile devices. In association with industrial partners, research labs, and universities in nine countries from across the world, ATAP’s phone technology has incredible spatial capabilities.  For example, the phone can help consumers measure the dimensions of a space before they do shopping for furniture. Or, it can search where exactly and on which shelf in the supermarket a product is kept. And because the phone can sense space and motion just like a human, it can also help the visually impaired navigate by themselves in unfamiliar places.

Google is currently hand-picking the developers with whom it will share the Project-Tango prototype. Out of the 200 model devices that are expected to be distributed for field testing in March, the search engine giant revealed most would go to businesses that develop navigation & mapping applications, data processing, or gaming applications.

The implications for brands and marketers to leverage this new technology are vast.

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