6 Tips for Using Snap Map for Business

snap map for businessWith nearly 200 million daily active users, Snapchat is unquestionably a major social platform that brands are increasingly incorporating into their marketing strategy. After trailblazing the social media world with remarkable features like stories and geofilters, Snapchat has completely changed the game, once again, with Snap Map.

Snap Map, a feature added in the latest Snapchat update, gives users the ability to share their location with friends and view stories from “hot spots” all over the world. Of course, this means that understanding how to use Snap Map and keeping Our Story updated is vital in order to attract social media-savvy locals to your business.

How to Use Snap Map for Business

  • Be consistent. Regularly updating Our Story, especially after enabling Snap Map, can effortlessly draw in traffic. If your business is consistently becoming a “hot spot”, users will notice and become curious about all the activity.
  • Encourage employees and coworkers to post. Posting a variety of snaps shows that your establishment is lively and welcoming.
  • Keep up with other events on Snap Map. Keep up with what’s happening live by checking out the surrounding hot spots to get an idea of who’s in the area and what’s going on.
  • Promotions. Showing off any sales, promotions, or events on Our Story is an easy and sure-fire way to invite potential customers to your business.
  • Be interesting. Your snaps should accurately speak for your company and what it has to offer at that moment – for example, a quirky piece of merchandise, a signature pastry, etc.
  • Stick to the point. While a group selfie here and there may give off a friendly impression, too many of these casual snaps can become boring and counterproductive.

Understanding how to use Snap Map for business plays a vital role in attracting the social media-savvy. For more of the latest social media marketing strategies, check out our blog.

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