Should Snapchat Be in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

social media marketing strategyWhile most businesses center their social media marketing strategies on a mainstream network like Twitter or Facebook, others are quickly learning the benefits of thinking outside the box. Social media marketing professionals are getting incredible results focusing on smaller networks to push products and services. One of these “less common” social networks is Snapchat, a mobile app geared to ages 13 to 25.

Snapchat operates a little differently than other image and video social networks. First of all, everything shared on the network disappears in about 24 hours. This makes the network very appealing to millenials who are conscious of what they post on social media. It adds a layer of security to those using the site. The other thing that sets it apart is the high amount of videos posted on the network, all under 10 seconds.

The biggest benefit marketers have with Snapchat is the higher engagement levels. People following are very likely to see videos posted by a company and are willing to watch the entire clip. This makes snaps perfect for delivering an effective call to action. Because each snap is only available for 24 hours, it allows marketers to easily create a sense of urgency.

How to Promote Your Business on Snapchat

One of the easiest ways to promote a store, product or service is by hosting a contest or offering a reward. People love taking pictures of things they receive in the mail, what they are eating and more. Encourage your current customers to photograph your product in creative ways by offering exclusive coupons or offers. Most news about social media marketing features exciting ways to present the offer to your followers.

Like other forms of social media, you should engage with people who feature your products or services in their snaps. While Snapchat can be used simply to tell a story, responding via private message with a coupon can be incredibly effective.

Share Your Story in a Unique Way

Most people use Snapchat because they want to make personal connections. Taking advantage of images and short videos allows you to tell a story about your company from a unique perspective. Much like YouTube marketing, Snapchat videos are a great way to show off how your business functions. It gives potential customers a taste of what it is like to work with you, making them more apt to buy.

After showing a few seconds of behind-the-scenes footage, you can prompt users to visit your website for more information. You could also use this social media marketing strategy to grow your following on other networks. For example, making a few second trailer for your YouTube video and posting it with a link can be a great way to get additional traffic and generate hype.

A Growing User Base

While most of the companies that succeed on Snapchat target teens and young adults, the user base is expanding at a fast pace. Many adults in their late 20’s and older are starting to use the app. This opens the door for a wider range of marketing.

Real estate is a prime example. Many realtors are using Snapchat to show off home features to potential buyers. While many users are too young to buy a house, they are able to gain a highly-specific audience quickly. They are also reinforcing their services and brand, making them more recognizable to people when they start looking for homes years later.

Snapchat is still a new social network when compared to Facebook or Twitter, so its full potential is yet to be discovered. Marketers are quickly learning unique tactics that the network really responds to. To learn if Snapchat is the right network for your next marketing campaign and for help developing your social media marketing strategy, please contact us today.