Five Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Business

Social Media Analytics ToolsSocial media analytics tools are used to check the success of your social media campaign, by measuring several different key performance indicators. For instance, if Twitter is helping you gain web traffic, proper analytics can discover this trend. However, there may be instances where a few people visit your site through Twitter, but there are almost a thousand of them discussing you on Twitter’s platform. The following are five social media analytics tools that can help you understand how each phenomenon may affect your business.


Spredfast helps you effectively manage your social media accounts. The software can be used to generate reports for particular metrics, before managing your social media campaign. Spredfast works on a host of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Flickr and blogs. Your content can be managed and organized while you check results from a variety of sources. Workflow management is also possible through Spredfast.


Sysomos has a sophisticated design which helps meet the requirements of large organizations. It provides business intelligence when you use social media to promote your business. The system operates by using an account manager or administrator, as well as five users. The data collected from Sysomos can be unlimited and the software runs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. The system is great for retrieving data from the past, as it has an impressive backtracking function.


UberVU grants access to a large amount of data in its raw form, meaning that you can obtain highly accurate and abundant assessments of your marketing campaign on social media. This data can then be used to form intelligible business insights. The software works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger, Picasa and blogs. Your daily mentions may be limited, but when you can measure 10,000 mentions per day, the limit barely proves as a barrier. Trends and brand mentions can be monitored in real time as the software performs signal scans of conversations.

Sprout Social

Sprout is a great management and monitoring tool that allows you to monitor 10 profiles. Messages that you wish to send out can be scheduled in advance and the software operates with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. The tools are easy to use and highly effective. Moreover, they have Android and iPhone apps that can help keep an eye on your brand information.


Viralheat is another monitoring device, as well as a management tool that works perfectly for small businesses, due to its low-cost facets. Using this tool, analytics can be measured on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gogle+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and blogs. A variety of search profiles can be compared using Viralheat. Moreover, Viralheat allows you to track particular products or business words on social networking sites so that you can determine what is creating a hype and what isn’t. Data is usually depicted on graphs and pie charts and is highly accurate. Your social media campaigns can be better optimized using this tool.

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