Social Media and the Super Bowl Craze

Social Media and the Super Bowl CrazeWe’re all familiar with the craze around Super Bowl ads. Brands compete to produce the wittiest, funniest and the memorable TV spots. More than ever before, 2014 is the year that the focus begins moving off of TV and onto the social media platforms.

First instance of social and realtime event collaboration

The biggest and most memorable brand highjacking of the Super Bowl was, of course, 2013’s Oreo “dunk in the dark” tweet.  It occurred during the Superdome’s 34-minute power outage. The Oreo marketers seized the moment and created a perfect opportunity to launch the now-iconic tweet.  The dunk in the dark tweet received over 10,000 retweets within the first hour and picked up over 18,000 likes along with 5,000+ shares on Facebook.

The lesson to be taken from Oreo is not try to create iconic moments; by definition you cannot.  Rather, you should focus on having a realtime conversation with your audience. This is one of the most effective ways you can communicate a brand message with your fans.  To do this, there is no other media that allows you to do it as well as social media. Anything as simple as a quirky comment to an elaborately planned outcome can make a huge difference when talking to your followers online. This is something that Jaguar was quick to pick up from Oreo.  They were followed quickly by other brands with a plethora of hashtags being invented and millions of conversations made in a matter of minutes. Social media is sure to have a huge impact as far as marketing is concerned this Super Bowl.

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