5 Things Any Video Needs To Go Viral

Things Any Video Needs To Go ViralOur brain is more capable of remembering and understanding videos than it is of remembering or understanding statistics, pictures, or text. This is why video marketing is much more effective than promoting products through pictures or text. It offers you a better medium of reaching out to your customers.

Numerous video sharing platforms on the Internet have made it important for all businesses to take advantage of this platform. In a recent survey, it was stated that YouTube attracts one billion viewers per week and over six billion views per month. So, you can reach potential and existing customers at scale, by uploading videos and letting them go viral. Here’s how to make your videos go viral.

Strike an emotional chord

Making a video emotionally appealing is sure to grab the attention of your customers. However, you should always remember that the videos you are making are not television commercials, but are meant for watching online. That is why, you should also remember, what works on television might not work online. Understand your target audience and what appeals their emotions. What is emotional for a housewife may not seem relevant to a cyber geek. Since online videos target specific audiences, make sure you stir up the emotions specific to your customer group.

The shorter the better

Videos on a certain topic are sure to come up before their text counterparts in any search results. But when users do click on them, make sure their attention span does not run out before they finish watching the video. This is why making the videos short and snappy is the best thing to do. Make sure the videos are interesting and have a catch, so that people feel like forwarding them to their friends and relatives. Also, make sure your marketing message is not right at the end, in case customers don’t watch your entire video.

Keep your budget in mind

Spending too much on making an online video ad is not very wise because the more expensive it is, the more viral it has to become for you to get appropriate returns on your investment. One way to cheaply get the video on to social media is by partnering with a person who has a lot of YouTube fans. That way, when you upload it, you can be guaranteed of a large number of views, without having to pay too much for social network advertising.

Market your videos

If you don’t market your new video, it will fail to go viral. Make use of ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The free channels are also good, but your video should have a thumbnail. You can also showcase your video at business meetings or conferences. People will get to know how hip and quirky your company is, and they will also share your video with their friends via social media, if they like it.

Viral may not always be the best strategy

One important thing you should know about viral video marketing is that quantity does not always mean quality. Just because you have got a lot of hits on your video, does not mean that they are relevant hits. Getting a lot of hits from school-goers on a video that is made for corporate businessmen does not do much good.  Also, if your video is for a specific geographic area, then views outside that region would not translate into sales for you.

However, videos are the most interactive way you can communicate with your customers about your products. Online videos are also the only medium of marketing that has a 40-60% rate of growth per annum. Tapping into this resource is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do to promote your business.

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