Top Five Video Marketing Campaigns

Top Five Video Marketing CampaignsThe internet has been a great platform for many companies and brands that have dedicated time and effort to create viral video marketing campaigns. Video marketing has helped firms reach out to an increasing number of people, essentially improving the public’s knowledge of the company’s products and services while enhancing their own sales and leads. Following are five of the top video marketing campaigns.

Will it Blend – Blendtec

Blendtec’s campaign promoting the food blender was a huge hit. It featured a video displaying the blender and how it could blend anything and everything. Among the more notable products that were blended in the ad include expensive electronics such as the iPhone. Blendtec went viral simply because it made the most of internet user’s interest in small and funny videos on YouTube. The ad was shocking when it was released in 2006. The initial launch alone attracted over 160 million views.

The Best Job Ever – Tourism Queensland

Tourism Queensland’s video marketing campaign was subject to a warm reception mainly because the creators of the ad didn’t intend on being clever or funny. They gave viewers exactly what they wanted to see. The company created a contest wherein a lucky winner would receive $150,000 to merely tour the Great Barrier Reef’s surrounding islands. The ad was an instant hit on YouTube as it was a unique offer, and the simplicity of the video had a large number of people applying for what was, indeed, the best job ever.

Subservient Chicken – Burger King

Burger King started a revolution of sorts when its Subservient Chicken campaign was launched. The ad was first featured on television before becoming viral on the internet. It featured a chicken which was literally subservient, doing anything that the user requested it to do. The idea presented by the creators was “Chicken – the way you want it.” The interactive, funny and bizarre aura surrounding the ad is the main reason as to why it remains one of the best video marketing campaigns ever.

Gold Grant – Golden Grahm

College students were the main target of this campaign, and social media was used to great effect in fueling the fire. Many different animated videos discussing circumstances such as job interviews gone wrong, etc., brought along a large number of viewers as the ads were downright hilarious. The company did well to target an audience and present it with something it would enjoy. The ads gained recognition on Twitter before running riot on YouTube.

Tweets – Virgin Blue

The airline Virgin Blue created a video marketing campaign for its Australian branch and launched it on Twitter. In celebration of the airline’s 9th anniversary, they offered a promotion to buy airplane tickets for just $9 through Twitter. Although the offer extended to only 1000 tickets, the campaign helped the company gain almost 33,000 Twitter followers.

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