Twitter for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (CPG)

Twitter for Consumer Packaged GoodsIn today’s social consumer world, you can often promote your company more effectively with social media than traditional advertising. There are many social media tools that a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company can utilize, Twitter being one of them. With a presence on Twitter, a company can easily promote its products, find new customers, gather customer opinions and interact with them in real-time. Companies can take advantage of a user base of more than 200 million monthly active users.

A recent study found that 70% of CPG companies using social media do not have a clear strategy behind their social media efforts, which often means they are leaving opportunity on the table and missing the mark when it comes to business objectives.

Choosing the correct person to tweet for your company can make the difference between meeting your goals and a PR nightmare. You need mature, trustworthy people who share just the right amount, know what to say to push the brand forward, and know how to deal with negative publicity. Sharing the correct content that reflects your brand in a concise tweet is important, as it builds public perception of your brand. How you construct actual tweets is also important, as statistics show that tweets with 100 characters or less perform far better and tweets with image links are twice as likely to be engaged with.

The employee ambassador strategy

There are two strategies when taking advantage of a Twitter for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (CPG), and both of them can be used simultaneously. One is to have your employees as ambassadors of your brand on Twitter. This involves setting up accounts with the brand name linked to employee names, so that every time the employee tweets, the brand related name and message are visible. This strategy may be effective, as it allows for a large number of tweets to be dispersed with your brand message.

The importance of a corporate account

The second strategy is to open a Twitter corporate account in the company’s name, possibly with the same name as you have for accounts in other social media tools. Choose a person with good social media awareness and maturity to head this account. You can use both strategies together, but if you want to use just one strategy, having a corporate account would be preferable, as it gives you less to manage and more control over your brand message.

Twitter Facts:

  • Statistics show that 78% of a brand’s responses are retweets and the rest are responded to with replies.
  • Stats show that tweets containing hashtags are more likely to receive retweets, and tweets asking followers to specifically “Retweet” receive a higher number of retweets than those using the abbreviated “RT”.

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