Video Marketing: Why Add Video to Your Social Media Strategy?

Video MarketingBy now you have probably noticed how prevalent video has become on the internet. Gone are the days when it was just Youtube that offered video content; now every major social media platform—from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat—all have videos circulating online. And there is a reason why video has become such a huge part of social media. Video is a way for both individuals and businesses to communicate. In this social media marketing tips post, we will uncover the top five benefits of incorporating video marketing into your social media strategy.

  1. Increased Social Media Shares: Social media followers are much more likely to share video content than they are written content. Your viewership increases significantly when your video is shared multiple times over by social media followers who have their own large following. When you share one video with your thousand or so followers and they in turn share it with their friends and followers, you could potentially end up with millions of views. And of those views, some will convert into more followers and eventually sales.
  2. Better Audience Engagement: We all know how important audience engagement is. Written content, while incredibly valuable and still extremely relevant, simply does not engage your audience quite like video content does. People are exponentially more likely to view something rather than read something because viewing is passive and takes less effort. While video allows the viewer to put in less effort, it is simultaneously making the viewer more engaged. Video is easier to pay attention to and a more powerful tool for stirring up emotions in the viewer. You can use video marketing as an opportunity to communicate with your audience in a new way, tell them things, and ask them questions. Allowing comments on your videos is also an invaluable way to garner feedback and new insight, thus letting your audience engage you as well.
  3. Establishing Trust is Easier: Implementing video marketing into your social media strategy is one of the strongest ways to establish trust with your target audience. When you create a video about your brand and company, you are sharing something valuable with your followers. Video is an opportunity to give your audience an inside look at your company and a special behind-the-scenes opportunity to see what goes on behind the brand.
  4. You Can Convey a Lot of Information in a Short Period of Time: The most successful video marketing on social media is generally never any longer than a few minutes. If you try to create a fifteen-minute video (unless it’s a webinar and your audience knows that ahead of time), you are significantly reducing your potential for more audience engagement. But when you keep it short, you can influence your audience more and still fit in a lot of information in that time period. Strive to keep videos under 90 seconds. In that video, you can include animations, talking points, statistics and design that makes the video interesting and informative.
  5. You Can Tell a Story And Evoke Emotion: Videos are an opportunity to influence your followers’ emotions. When you use videos to tell a story, you are strengthening your ability to tug at the heartstrings of your followers. Not only can you create a video that is both informative and engaging, it can (and should in many cases) include an emotional appeal. People buy with their hearts, not with their heads. So create video that appeals to the heart.

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