4 Tips on Working From Home Through the Holidays

working from homeWhen you oversee your company’s innerworkings, we all know what that means for your holiday “vacation” … it means that you will now be working from home from the comfort of your couch, be Google-calendar-alerted every hour about tasks that you must complete by a certain day and Skyped-to-heck while you are trying to enjoy that Home Alone marathon. Add on a healthy dose of the guilt of having to momentarily duck out of cookie baking and tree decorating with the kids… and, depending upon if you are a glass-half-full or half-empty kind of person, you have a recipe for a pretty interesting or pretty crappy holiday.

Thankfully, just because our digital-age careers have us working around the clock, they also have us working smarter. These 4 holiday hacks can help you stay on top of working from home while right in the mix of the holiday fun with your family. Now that’s smart.

(Ok. Full Disclosure: Basically, here’s how you can work from home without working…)

Share Useful Content in One Swift Swoop with Buffer.

Buffer allows you to take the time spent snuggling on the couch and reading with your family… and turn it into a way to share useful content (that you would already be reading anyway) with your audience. Sharing articles that matter to your readers helps you gain even more. If you enjoyed the article and found that it resonated with your brand, then your audience will likely love it too. With Buffer, you can share reads in real-time across the board of all your social networks while working from home. Buffer allows you to get downtime, free time, work time AND family time in all at once.

Keep Posting Simple with Hootsuite.

If you are the lucky winner to take home your company’s social media marketing work for the holidays, then you know that all-too-familiar feeling that washes over you when you log in to each of your social networks within a ten-minute period. By the time you get around to Twitter, you have gone from “We love our customers” to a bad case of I-hate-typing-passwords rage that ends in angry tweeting. Make logging in and getting posts completed painless with Hootsuite. The app allows you to log on to control and post to all your social accounts from one simple interface.

Schedule Specifically.

When was the last time you made a to-do list? Scheduling allows you to be realistic about what you can get done working at home while still spending family time with the kids for the holidays. Stick to your schedule and you won’t work your holiday away. You also won’t be disappointed when don’t rope the moon in all of one hour.

Get a Little Help.

Even Santa needs a little help this time of year. Just ask the reindeer. Without them, Santa would have to take an Uber… and then what? That’s not very magical. When it comes to social media marketing, it’s always magic to us. It never feels like work. Helping companies grow their audience is our passion and we would love to help you take charge of your holidays while we take the reins for a while.

Working from home doesn’t mean sacrificing your entire vacation. As you try to relax on your upcoming holiday vacation, remember that you are on your own time… even if you are still on your company’s payroll. Take time to enjoy the kids, the tree and the turkey… oh, crap… we forgot the turkey. See… this is why you make to-do lists.

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