Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in your social media marketing. Content is king for your customers now more than ever and social media influencers can generate and promote unique content that help drive social media and sales goals. On average, 11.4 pieces of content are engaged with by viewers before they even make a purchase.

Content that consumers can engage with is the best content out there. Traditional ad media is increasingly ignored in favor of native content across social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the most frequented channels among today’s consumers. Brands must become part of the content on social media where consumers are most engaged and therefore more likely to make a buying decision.

92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional endorsement.

6.85X is the average ROI that brands see on influencer marketing campaigns.

84% of marketers plan to launch influencer marketing campaigns in 2017.

It is 62% less expensive for influencers to create the same, on par content as a traditional studio shoot.

Dapper Goat’s influencers have trusted audiences and authentic content, making them the perfect marketing vehicle for social brand messaging.

With over 200,000 influencers on social media, finding the ones that will make an impact can be difficult. Dapper Goat will help match your brand to the right influencer.

Managing and tracking campaigns is time-consuming and tedious. Dapper Goat will do the hard work for you by coordinating all of the influencer collaborations.

Dapper Goat will help you scale your influencer audience to the right consumers with our unique technology.

The biggest challenges of content creation and influencer management are solved by Dapper Goat using our unique influencer marketing dashboard. Influencer marketing campaign analytics are a key part of your overall social media strategy.

Because the influencer market is so vast, matching the perfect influencers for your unique campaign can be a hurdle. We customize our influencers to make sure your campaign is being seen by the most relevant audience for your brand.

Customized CRM & tracking allows you to generate content with a large network of influencers on one, easy to understand dashboard that Dapper Goat individualizes for you.

Looking for unlimited amplification and reach through Facebook’s ads API? Dapper Goat eases the connection by having influencers sponsor posts directly through the platform.

Dapper Goat works closely with you and our trusted influencers to create unique and engaging content. We take the top performing content and make sure that the highest amount of people in your audience are seeing it and engaging with it. Our unique process helps produce excellent results and above average ROI.

Dapper Goat works with you to select customized groups of influencers are selected based on criteria that meet your brand’s needs such as content, location and quality.

We produce personalized reporting and custom analytics that are used to assess, measure and optimize engagements on your influencer marketing campaigns.

Our native amplification capability gives you direct and exclusive access to our influencers and the custom content they create for your brand.

Dapper Goat presents your entire influencer marketing campaign and tracks ROI on a single analytics dashboard.

  • Impressions, engagements & conversions
  • Segmented audience identification
  • Web traffic
  • Qualitative assessments on campaign performance
  • Actionable insights
  • Automatic sentiment analysis and reporting

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