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Social Media Consulting and Training

Dapper Goat Senior Leadership have provided expert social media consulting services to some of the world’s most recognizable brands (see partial list HERE). Our team has consulted for funded startups and small/regional businesses, too. Let us help you grow your business with effective social media marketing through a fixed-time social media consulting program.

Dapper Goat can provide your brand with social media marketing audits, strategic planning, metrics and KPIs, reporting and ongoing (or fixed-time) expert advice. We guarantee to improve your success with your social media marketing campaigns.

We have three social media consulting programs for you to choose from:


Dapper Goat will begin with an audit of your current social media efforts. Our experts will look into the details of your programs and then examine the social media programs of your competitors. Based on research and our experience, we will create actionable recommendations that will become the basis of your Social Media Strategic Plan.


Upon completing the initial audit and analysis, Dapper Goat will create a detailed and actionable social media plan for your brand. Dapper Goat has a tried-and-true 10-step social media strategic process that we use to assemble a strategic plan for your social media success.


Now that we have created your Social Media Strategic Plan, you’ll need to know what’s working and what needs improving. With so much data available, how do you know what is a signal and what is just noise? Dapper Goat creates a Social Media Dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs). These are highly actionable and easy to understand data points that quickly reveal the performance of your social media marketing efforts. The ultimate goal is sales, not likes or retweets. We develop and then train you on exactly what KPIs matter and how to adjust your efforts to drive new business.

Get started on your social media success story:

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