Dapper Goat is a social media and inbound marketing agency that provides complete packages of search marketing services. Below are some of our standard services and capabilities for online search and paid search (SEM / PPC). However, you are unique –
so we’ll customize our services to suit you!


The dedicated Dapper Goat SEO team starts with an analysis of your current website, SEO, SEM and social media properties.  We determine what is currently working and what needs improving.


Next, our team begins cutting-edge research on keywords.  We identify the most valuable keywords for your industry and then rank the keywords to help ensure better search results.  Once the keyword list is created, we map your keywords to specific landing pages. We also research your competitors and take that data to improve your campaigns.


Testing is crucial to your campaigns. We test a variety of keywords and ads to see which produce the best results at the lowest cost. And the testing never stops…as the online marketplace evolves, so should your advertising!


Once we understand what is working best, we review your website(s), landing pages, microsites, paid ads, etc. and make sure they are running at the most optimum levels.


We keep you in the loop with weekly and monthly reporting. Our SEO reports will demonstrate the progress we are making as well as help identify areas of opportunity.


SEO – In short, we get your website to the top of Google searches. Our SEO team uses the latest and greatest white-hit SEO tactics to move you up in the search rankings. Higher search rankings means more traffic to your site and thus more conversions and sales.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing, a.k.a. Google AdWords, is the fastest way to get traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate. Using keyword research and A/B split testing, we can optimize your online ads to increase relevant traffic, lower CTR (click-thru rates) and lower CPA (cost per acquisition).


PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising is an effective way to drive relevant traffic to your site. We use PPC ad techniques to find out who is searching for your product/service, and then push ads to them. Combined with proper SEO and SEM, PPC is very successful at converting tire-kickers into buyers. Some studies show that up to 90% of purchases are the result of PPC!


Is your business focused on a particular geographic area? If so, we can use local search techniques to make sure that your ads are pushed to people who are looking for products/services only in your geographic area. This helps increase the relevancy of your ads and decrease wasteful ad spending.


In-bound marketing uses a variety of techniques to drive relevant traffic to your website by targeting people who are looking to learn more about your product/service. Using a mix of professionally-written blog articles, guest blogging and blog syndication, along with proper SEO/SEM/PPC/SMM, this long-tail online marketing strategy will help get you the best prospects .


Paid Social / Social Media Marketing uses paid ads on Facebook and Twitter to increase your social tribe, increase website traffic and lower cost-per-acquisition.